Thursday, 17 May 2012

Wii Game Box Inlay - summary for quick therapy reference

Through using the Nintendo Wii at work I am aware that whilst I can navigate around the games with ease and from memory many of my colleagues don't have the same level of familiarity and therefore struggle to choose appropriate games.  This either causes the set up of the console and game lengthy or it leads them to abandon the idea of using the console for a more conventional therapeutic activity.

To try and assist I created a template that I have summarised individual games and then print out.  The information then fits within the game sleeve and is viewable as a quick reference - listing the most common/most beneficial games for therapy.

You can find a word document to download with two examples of the Wii game prompts here.  If you feel they are beneficial and have a particular game that you want to use it with please feel free to email me, as I may have it already written up and formatted.

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