Saturday, 19 May 2012

OTs Wii too

The vast majority of emails, queries or comments received through the Wiihabilitation are either members of the public or physiotherapists.  A handful of Occupational Therapists have been in touch and it would be inaccurate not to acknowledge them.  The website is written by a physiotherapist, so perhaps doesn't focus on the functional/occupational tasks that OTs work towards.  It is not a criticism of the OT profession that there use of the Nintendo Wii is less published- their roles are diverse and can easily be fulfilled without the aid of technology.

There is no doubt that there are a good number of OTs who use the Nintendo Wii regularly within their practice to help people develop hand function skills, cognitive abilities, perception or sequencing skills. Their work is difficult to find without a

The links below show case some work carried out by OTs and their work with the Nintendo Wii.  If you know of other work, please add using the comments box below to share with other readers.

Occupational Therapy case study (2008)

Use of the Nintendo Wii in Occupational Therapy (2008)

Wii OT blog site (regularly updated)

Using the Nintendo Wii in Occupational Therapy (2010)

Wii-HAB: Using the Wii Video Game System as an Occupational Therapy Intervention with Patients in the Hospital Setting (2010)


From reading any of the blogs, articles or websites above, the similarities between OT and physio is all too apparent.  It only goes to prove how closely related the professions are in their aims to promote movement and independence.  The information available for Occupational Therapists is as valuable to physiotherapists as the physiotherapy information is for Occupational Therapists.  The research found listed within this blog can be applied to an movement based therapy and provides a growing library of evidence reporting the Nintendo Wii's value within therapy in general.

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